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My adventure with ham radio has started in the nineties when I and my brother discovered Cobra 19 CB. We were experimenting with aerial masts, and our biggest achievement then was building a pine post in a garden.  The post with a pipe was 21 meters high and we could reach stations 200 kilometres away without any problems. And that was not our best construction! In 1994, when we moved to a new flat in four floors building, we managed to create a similar construction 26 meters high!!!
Since 1993 we had Alan 87 to use, and then we were testing all sorts of radios. From 1994 I was really interested in ham radios while my brother decided to finish his adventure with it. But I was more and more interested; I could spend all night trying to get radio contact with places in Poland and all around the world. I came up with my own callsign. After some time I become a member of French Club. I never changed the callsign to AT or SD because the one I used was good enough for QSO and connecting with new countries. Using 11 meters I managed to contact with 271 counties, including 257 countries with QSL cards and over 200 direct.
And then time came when I had to serve in the Armed Forces for my country, I did not like the idea of leaving my hobby for 18 month, however lucky I was posted into Telecommunications. They taught me how to use cols; I also met a guy with whom I had previously talked to through my connections. He advised me to try getting a licence. When I left the Army I had thought about the licence in my head. I applied for it and with help of Ginter SP9ZW I passed my exams. I was a part of  Piekary Sl Club SP9KRT and then SP7DPJ.
I have been a truck driver for 13 years and I use CB radio every day. I have had a few interesting situations with the radio, the most interesting in Russia. I got stopped by local police and accused of being a spy. Luckily for me I only lost my radio but did not get arrested.
Being a lorry driver allows me travel across Europe and thanks to mobile station I am able to connect everywhere. Up to now I have visited 26 European counties and I was active with 18 of them.
Currently I am only active as mobile station. I believe you can connect long distance using the mobile station.
What I have achieved so far is surprising; you can hear me in 6 continents and in 138 countries and islands.

Jack, SP7DPJ

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  • Craig

    Hi Jack, I envy your travels. How great to travel and get paid for it. Are US drivers licenses good in Europe? I have a commercial drivers license class A (CDL-A) for driving the biggest trucks (18-wheelers) here in the US, and I traveled around the US and a little into Canada. but it would be great to see Europe doing that.

  • Simon SP1RFC

    ciekawa strona :) pozdrawiam serdecznie

    73 SP1RFC / SN1C

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